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Fiat 500 does its part to capture the hearts and imaginations of the masses

The 500 will always be the 500: the legendary Italian icon

The Fiat 500 has enduring popularity the world over. Celebrate with this stylish city car, we shall take you around beautiful Rome in a vintage Fiat 5oo Giardiniera; a very rare model.

Launched in July, 1957

The Fiat 500, known as ‘The Cinquecento’ which means Five Hundred, was introduced in the market in July 1957, and produced under this guise until 1975. Designed by Dante Giacosa, the Cinquecento was marketed as an economical, functional and practical town car for post-war Italy.

Small size, huge appeal

The original Cinquencento measured just over 9 feet long, and was powered by a 479cc two-cylinder engine, and was considered one of the first ‘city cars’. Despite its small size, the Cinquencento proved to be very popular, and almost four million were produced from launch to 1975.

Rear-mounted engine

the Cinquecento had a rear-mounted engine that allowed the tiny car the agility it needed to navigate the city.

1958–1960: Fiat 500 Sport

In the two years following the initial launch, Fiat promoted a ‘Sport’ version of the popular car.

The Fiat 500 Sport had a 499cc engine with 21.5 horsepower and a full metal roof (as opposed to the fold-back canvas tops found on the standard models).

You could purchase the Sport version in the now iconic colour scheme of cream, with red stripes down the side.


The Fiat 500 saw a few revisions during this period, mainly cosmetic, such as a sunroof that only folded part way (Fiat 500 D), and an estate version (Fiat 500 Giardiniera).

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